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Associated Careers/Career Opportunities

After the completion of this degree, graduates are qualified to apply for variety of employments representing wide range of fields such as Management Trainees, Lower Level (Without experience), Middle Level (With experience of few years) and Higher Level (With many years’ experience, Post Graduate and Professional qualifications) managerial positions in Sri Lanka as well as in foreign countries either in public sector or private sector.

  1. Completion of a degree in Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance degree offers  all the required competencies needed for a banking or financial professional  such as   mathematical  skills , presentation skills, competency in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, E-business, communication and negotiation skills, data analysis, , higher level public relations. While getting thorough knowledge on academic content. Especially if you are committed enough you can earn your first degree with a class honors.

  1. Have an Internship

SANASA campus offers internship opportunities for all the students for a period of six months in order to obtain an industrial or on the job training.  To be engaged in an internship. SANASA Development Bank,   other banks and financial institutes provide our students an internship space where they can gain the practical skills and experience.

  1. Gain Master Degree

This degree is a basic qualification to apply for any professional and masters level degree program both in Sri Lanka and abroad. For this degree exemptions are offered in the professional and post graduate programs by Institute of Banking Sri Lanka, Chartered Institute of Management Accounting and Chartered Institute of Sri Lanka and many other Professional Bodies.