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Course Outline 

The Program contains forty (40) core modules in total followed by an individual research component. In addition, to these course modules, Information Technology (ICT) is taught during the four year period.   Proficiency in English language has been a must for professionals in the Banking and Finance field and therefore, teaching English has been given a priority in the first three years.  Our degree programs are completely different from other university degree programs due to our Work Based Learning. The university theoretical learning is practically used and tested under the Work Based Learning during the course of study.

First Year - Introduction to Banking and Finance: Introduction to Financial Accounting: Microeconomics: Principles of Management: Mathematics for Banking and Finance: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance: Banking Theory and Practice: Advanced Accounting: Macroeconomics: Business Statistics

Second Year - Management Accounting: Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management: Marketing Management: Quantitative Techniques for Management:  Business Law:  Business Reporting and Communication:  Financial Institutions and Markets: Taxation: Monetary Economics: Financial Clients Management: Operations Management: Banking and Finance Law

Third Year - Security Analysis and Portfolio Management: Risk Management: E-banking:  Financial Statement Analysis for Decision Makers: Entrepreneurship and SME Development: International Trade and Finance: Business Valuation Theory and Applications: Microfinance: Credit Management: Auditing and Assurance: Operations Research

Fourth Year - Central Banking: International Banking: Research Methodology in Banking and Finance: Econometrics: Strategic Management: Corporate Governance: Internship in Banking and Finance:  Independent Research Study in Banking and Finance

Entry Requirements

  • Pass G.C.E. (Advanced Level) Examination (any subject stream) with 3 “Ss’ or above in one sitting.
  • Above 30% of General Knowledge Paper in any sitting.

Duration of the program

A four-year B.Sc. Special Degree Program including six-month Internship & independent dissertation in the fourth year.