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History of the SANASA Campus is the history of our Chairman, the VISIONARY LEADER Dr. P.A. Kiriwandeniya. His life has been evolved by all the natural and man-made factors needed to produce a human being with a mind-set to help develop all the living beings in this world. There are differences between human beings. People behave and act based on these differences creating all sorts of problems for the survival and sustainability of man-kind. Dr. Kiriwandeniya knows these differences very well. When he has to work for the wellbeing and prosperity of all living beings, he does not know any of these problems which grow and expand sufferings. He devoted his entire life to eliminate the human problems caused by diversity and thoroughly embraced the inclusivity which makes a very powerful soothing effect for all living beings.

He loves richness. He hates poverty. He loves security. He does not love insecurity. He loves prosperity. He does not love misery. He loves friendship. He does not love enmity. He loves compassion. He does not love hate. He loves wisdom. He does not love ignorance. He loves altruism. He does not love selfishness. He loves dynamism. He does not love stagnation. He loves versatility. He does not love foolishness. He loves integration.  He does not love disintegration. He loves happiness. He does not love sadness. The cumulative effect of all these qualities of Dr. Kiriwandeniya has created the world renown SANASA Movement with more than three million membership in Sri Lanka. Under the SANASA Brand name, there are number of world-famous business organizations such as SANASA Insurance, SANASA Development Bank etc. The SANASA Campus is the education arm of the SANASA Movement. The entire philosophy of SANASA Campus is based on the above qualities of Dr. Kiriwandeniya.

Dr. Kiriwandeniya joined the University of Vidyodaya (present University of Sri Jayewardenepura) for his undergraduate studies in 1962. He was thoroughly conditioned by the Vidyodaya School of Thought which inculcate virtues of freedom and its power and contribution in the minds of students of Vidyodaya. He started his career as a   teacher in the Department of Education.

Upbringing of Dr. Kiriwandeniya is in Kegalle District. From childhood, his wish is to work for the people. Even though his family background is aristocratic, he meets and associates a lot of poor and deprived people and their suffering. He helped them but failed to provide a long-lasting solution. However, meeting more and more poor people he saw their misery and causes for their miserable lives. This motivated him to find the ways and means of eradicating poverty. His determination to eradicate poverty firmly attached to his mind. Day by day this mentality transformed him as a great leader in the field of poverty alleviation nationally as well as globally.

Dr. Kiriwandeniya devoted his entire life for the eradication of poverty and poverty related problems. He resigned from the teaching profession and started to do a research on poverty and indebtedness of the rural community in Moneragala District for a period of two years. After receiving the results of this research project, his insight related to poor people deepened enabling him to find real and sustainable solutions for the poverty eradication. After this research, he worked for several organizations which are doing poverty alleviation programs in Sri Lanka. He travelled all over the country to help develop poor communities with these organizations and understood that his efforts, energy and determination are not working according to his goals, wishes and vision. He realized that he is wasting time without his dreams come true.  Consequently, he changed his way to help people and formed and established the SANASA Movement in 1978.

SANASA primary societies were formed with the rural communities. After that, SANASA district Societies formed. The main focus at the beginning was related to the indebtedness of the poor people. Members of the primary societies collected money of the members and deposited as savings. With the growth of the savings, these societies developed a power to provide loans to fulfill the needs of the needy members. With the continuous growth of the savings and loans, the necessity of a Bank emerged. Then SANASA development Bank was established. There are a lot of risks related to financial activities. Therefore, insurance became an essential service. In order to fill this gap, SANASA life and general insurance companies formed. Primary societies joining with the district societies formed the SANASA federation. Since most of the members are women and consequently, their wellbeing and development became an essential aspect. Therefore, women development organization of the SANASA Movement was established by the name of “UTHTHAMAAVI”.  There are other organizations too under the SANASA Brand.

Thus, the SANASA Movement expanded embracing all over the country. The growth of the members increased by thousands and then by millions. Presently, membership exceeds more than three million. Simple activities of the SANASA at the beginning, transformed to very complex with the growth of membership and the diversification of its functions. Because of these changes and activities, enhancement of the quality of human resources became a must. The unavoidable phenomenon under this background is nothing but to establish an educational institute. The SANADSA Campus was established in 1992, as a result. Training programs, workshops, certificate courses and diploma courses were introduced and conducted to the SANASA community.

However, activities and courses conducted at the SANASA Campus, were not sufficient with the diversification of SANASA movement. Furthermore, the delivery mode of education of the SANASA Campus is also different to that of other educational institutes in Sri Lanka. All the courses are heavily practical. Development orientated field work component is very attractive for the students.

The SANASA Campus reached its pinnacle in 2014 with the approval and recognition of the Ministry of Higher Education and the University Grants Commission as a Degree Awarding Institute.  The approval was granted by the Higher Education Ministry under the Act no…  … … … in the extra ordinary gazette no……..

We conduct three Degree Programs and all are Bachelor of Science Special Degrees, viz.,

  • Bachelor of Science (Special) in Regional Science and Planning,
  • Bachelor of Science (Special) in Insurance and Risk Management and
  • Bachelor of Science (Special) in Banking and Finance.

With all these developments, activities and approvals, the SANASA Campus at present is full-fledge Non-State Degree Awarding Leading Institute located in a picturesque conical hill full with Bio-diversity in Kegalle District. Our undergraduates come to the SANASA Campus with an employee mentality.  Due to the untiring efforts of dedicated academic members transform this dependency mentality into an employer mentality. This transformation enables our graduates to participate directly to help develop the National Development when they are assigned any task.

We have produced only one batch of graduates in 2019 and all of them are either employed or self-employed. We are working very hard to improve the quality of our graduates providing the modern scientific facilities. We conduct all the courses in English Medium. However, poor English knowledge of the students is not a problem for our programs. We provide an environment and facilities to teach and learn English with an Intensive English Course in the first year. Thanks to our English lecturers, we are able to overcome English Language problems within a short period of time.

Thus, the history of the SANASA Campus depicts very clearly its evolutionary process and indicates the importance of the vision, dedication and determination of the leader to transform a very small and simple village society into a world renown full-fledged Higher Education Institute to award Government approved, recognized and legalized degrees. Furthermore, the Chairman of the SANASA Campus leads the community conveying the message of English Saying “Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you cannot help others, at least don’t hurt them”. On the whole, the education system and methodology of the SANASA Campus produce the graduates to convey the meaning of another saying “CONFIDENCE WITHOUT EGO”.