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Main duties and responsibilities of Higher Educational Institutes (Universities or Campuses) are teaching and research. In Sri Lankans Higher Educational Institutes, teaching plays a major role while research plays a minor role. In order to fill this gap, The World Bank initiated its interventions through Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development Project (AHEAD) for the development of Higher Education Sector in Sri Lanka. The main functions of AHEAD Project are to help increase enrollment in priority disciplines, improve the quality of degree programs and promote research and innovation in the higher education sector by way of financially helping both the State and Non-State higher education institutes. Therefore, funding was allocated for Research and Innovations for the higher education institutes and instructed to establish Higher Education Institute Society Linkages Cell (HEI SL CELL) in each institute which obtained Research Grants from the AHEAD Project.


Research and Business Cell , SANASA Campus Ltd
Paragammana, Hettimulla, Kegalle, Sri Lanka.
Mo: 94 718203406
Off: 94 354935146
Email: enc@sanasacampus.edu.lk

Even though there are 21 non-state higher education institutes at present in Sri Lanka, very few institutes were fortunate enough to receive a research grant. We in the SANASA Campus are very proud to have an AHEAD research grant enabling us to establish Higher Education Institute Society Linkages Cell (HEI SL CELL) of SANADSA Campus based on University Grants Commission Circular No 10/2016: guidelines to strengthen the university Business Linkage (UBL) and align with the Quality Assurance (QA) guidelines of the University Grants Commission Manual for Institutional Review of Sri Lankan Universities and Higher Education Institutions, UGC, 2015.

The Vision of the HEI SL CELL of SANASA Campus is to “Upgrade HEI-SL- Cell as an Eminent Research Hub through Innovations and Commercialization”.

SANASA Campus established Research and Business Cell (RBC) on 08.09.2016 with the approval of Academic Board of the Campus. From 2019 onwards RBC has converted to the Higher Education Institute Society Linkages Cell (HEI SL CELL).

Main Functions of the HEI SL CELL are to  

  1. Identify Research & Development (R&D) activities related to innovations and have commercialization value.
  2. Build a network of entrepreneurs, investors, small and large business organizations which are able to work with the Non-State HEI Researchers.
  3. facilitate the commercialization of research and innovation outcomes of the Non state HEI and
  4. Strengthen the knowledge of intellectual property among academics and students, and support them to obtain necessary knowledge on Intellectual Property (IP) Law and its protection when and where necessity arises.