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The BEST for all living beings, out of everything is my personal vision. I do want to see all living beings live happily, peacefully, prosperously, harmoniously, hopefully, creatively, simply, friendly, successfully, fearlessly and comfortably where ever they live. I do not want to see any living being live with fear, hunger, anger, hate, uncertainty, hesitation, hopelessness, frustration, greediness, struggles, wars, despair, poverty, suppression, oppression, tyranny, superior mentality, inferior mentality, and discomfort.

I therefore, fully devote my life and living activities in order to create a world where all living beings to have above mentioned positive qualities. I perform as a University teacher since 1980 to date. I contributed to the Government Universities as the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura from 2008 to 2014. At present, I am serving as the Vice-Chancellor at the SANASA Campus, Kegalle. In my career, I strongly consider and believe education as a very noble, versatile and magnanimous human activity which allow and empower anybody to help develop all living beings without any condition or reservation.

I came from a farming community. I experienced both the virtues and hardships living with this community. Virtues surpass the hardships. My life is heavily conditioned by the virtues. I worked with the villagers with my family members and obtained a lifelong experiential knowledge which is the basis of my professional activities. Both my parents taught me to lead a life with generosity and compassion. My noble teachers of Walagedara Maha Vidyalaya transformed me to face any challenge achieving my goals to help develop others. Versatile and erudite professors and lecturers in the Department of Geography at University of Sri Jayawardenepjura molded me to survive in any academic environment without any hesitation. World renowned, extremely versatile, well known academics and researchers of the Department of Geography at the University of Durham, England sharpened my academic, research and teaching activities with a higher level of philosophical flavor.  Academic and research environment of the Geography Department at Carleton University, Canada gave me a highly memorable experience.

My present University, the SANASA Campus located at Kegalle, is a unique Non-State Higher Education Institute. This has been recognized, accepted and approved as a University Degree Awarding Institute by the Higher Education Ministry and the University Grants Commission.

The teaching methodology at SANASA Campus is completely different to that of conventional Universities. Three days classroom teaching plus two days practical learning working with the communities in the field transform SANASA  Campus graduates as more practical, experienced, down to earth and productive citizens.

We work hard at SANASA Campus with a philosophy to transform the Employee Dependency Mentality of our undergraduates to Productive Employer Mentality enabling them to help develop their Motherland Sri Lanka actively and successfully with a vision.

I wish our undergraduates, students, academics, non-academics, supporters all the best to help transform and develop this world as the best place for all living beings.