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Training Programs For Sanasa Primary Societies

“Board of directors training can help a board fulfill its role and make a real difference to an organization’s performance. A good program takes you through the mechanisms of the world’s best performing boards and helps you explore your own board challenges. It takes a practical and pragmatic approach – because every board has a unique role in organization oversight and duty to stakeholders.”

Training Objectives

  • Provide an understanding on the identity, norms and values of the cooperative enterprise to policy formulators engaged in the decision-making process of cooperative societies.
  • Provide a theoretical and practical understanding on decision-making process to top managers of cooperative enterprise.
  • Make top managers of the cooperative enterprise aware of cooperative law, leadership styles and internal control deficiencies.

Expected Results

  • Produce knowledgeable accounting employees
  • Improve the organizational success through employee’s development

Training Methodology

The teaching approach will be totally skill integrated with latest teaching techniques in which participants will get ample opportunities for professional development.

  • Multimedia presentations, group discussions, experience exchange, exercise and case studies.


  • Sinhala
  • Tamil
  • English

Target Audience

  • Chairmen / members of the board of cooperative organizations & societies.
  • Senior executive level officers of cooperative societies.
  • Newly elected chairmen/ board members of cooperative societies and organizations

Maximum no. of participants per training is 20.
Minimum no. of participants per training is 10.

Training Duration

TIMING: 6 hour sessions

Training Venue

Structured Training Programs

  • At the SANASA Campus premises
  •  Saturday and Sunday

Customized Training Programs

  • At the Field Locations
  • Date and Time will be decided based on field requirement

Training Cost

Structured Training Programs

Rs . 7,500.00

Classroom training at the SANASA Campus premises and on site coaching sessions.

Customized Training Programs

Rs. 8,500.00

per person for total package including meals, venue and training materials

Course Structure

  • Cooperative identity, practice and its practical uses
  • Duties, powers and responsibilities of board members
  • Legal approaches concerning the board members of a
    cooperative organization as per by-laws.
  • Effective decision-making process through the analysis of monthly operational reports.
  • Organizing meetings formally and use of staff papers for effective decision taking.
  • Formulating development plans and budget documents.
  • Identifying internal management shortcomings and expected solutions of a cooperative society

Contact Details

Assistant Director (Coop)
Center for Cooperative and Community Studies (CCCS)
Paragammana, Hettimulla,
Tel: 035 492 7772
Mob: 0712 063 205