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The SANASA movement originated with the revitalization of the Thrift and Credit Co-operative Society of Walgama in the Kegalle District of Sri Lanka in February 1978 under the visionary leadership of Dr.P.A Kiriwandeniya, the incumbent Chairman and Managing Director of the SANASA Campus Ltd. It expanded rapidly across the country during the first two decades. The 936 societies that formed the core of the movement in 1980 increased steadily and there are more than 8400 SANASA primary societies in the country at present. These primary societies are linked together with 35 District Unions and the SANASA Federation functioning as the Apex body of the movement.

Message From The Chairman

Dr. P.A.Kiriwandeniya

I am very glad to see the positioning of the SANASA movement in the Sri Lnkan economy today.

This  movement originated with the revitalization of the Thrift and Credit Co-operative Society of Walgama in the Kegalle District. It played a very vital role at the commencement of the Sanasa regeneration by organizing the National conference for Sanasa movement in February 1978. Nearly 1000 Sanasa societies formed the core of the movement in 1980 and steadily increased the numbers, and there are around 8500 SANASA societies in the country at present. The brand name SANASA that was so established expanded rapidly across the country. In the first two decades since its founding, several institutions which play diversified and important roles in the economy were set up with the development-oriented vision. Sanasa Campus (Sanasa University) is one of the institutions which were  established by the movement.

At that time Sanasa faced the challenges of  identifying qualified and skilled young people who are fully dedicated to development education. The members of the Sanasa Societies and their children faced a challenging environment to qualify for entrance to Government Universities. Although our children at village level are intelligent, capable, and  knowledgeable   they are unable to technically qualify and be competent  to meet the development needs of the country due various socio economic factors. We at Sanasa identified the needs of its members,the issues they encountered and   were determined to build up our own university as a way to provide higher education and development education for future generations.

In the initial stage, we were able to offer diploma courses in Banking, Insurance and Co-operatives, several certificate courses, in-house training programs and communities centered short-term educational programs. This institution was the nucleus of the present SANASA Campus, which was granted degree awarding status by the Ministry of Higher Education in accordance with the Gazette Extraordinary 1746/11 of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka dated 21stJanuary 2014.

At present, Sanasa Campus awards three special degrees in Banking & Finance, Insurance & Risk Management and Regional Science & Planning, which produce graduates with very sound knowledge and better understanding of the role they have to play in the development process of the county. We provide the  opportunity  for undergraduates of SANASA Campus to read for their degrees in an internationally recognized language and become capable and brilliant members of the society who would be seen as outstanding personalities in the socioeconomic strata. They can achieve their goals at a very reasonable and  affordable cost. And also they are blessed with a friendly environment which is unique to SANASA Campus.

We have a long way to go. Lots of rooms and opportunities to explore and venture into.I believe that our efforts will undoubtedly be successful and contribute to the development of the country at large.

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

Rev. Prof. Wijitapure Wimalaratana (PhD)

I believe and am thoroughly convinced that degrees and certificates of learning alone do not comprehend education. It ensures even the character, personality, and integrity of the student. My endeavor, thus, has been to help through my close association with SANASA Campus to avail young men and women of today the opportunity to secure the academic proficiency and scholasticism integrated with such characters, personality, and integrity as is opportune for the advancement of the individual student/scholar and thus to help the promotion of greater welfare in the broader society, nationally and globally.

In the process of availing these opportunities to the youth and students of today, SANASA Campus has launched studies in the field of Management, and Sciences. In addition, the SANASA Campus plans to introduce more faculties of studies in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Quantitative Sciences, ICT and Media. Furthermore, the syllabi of the diverse programmes of studies are being updated and upgraded on a frequent basis by a highly qualified, well-experienced team of scholars who help the subjects reflect the pulsating realities of the dynamic, pulsating world of today, irrespective of whether it belongs to the economic, social, political, technical, or any other spheres of learning. This allows the SANASA graduates to shine above those qualified from other private institutions of advanced education in Sri Lanka.

To facilitate this, SANASA Campus maintains a significant collection of technical tools and equipment required by students and researchers, including a well-equipped library with reading room facilities, computer laboratories, and internet and Wi-Fi access. In addition, to help students do well with their studies and research, SANASA also maintains state-of the-art lecture halls with multimedia facilities.

Our ambition with SANASA Campus is to make it a seat of excellence in teaching/ studying, training, and research in the fields of the Social Sciences, Humanities, Quantitative Sciences, ICT, Media, Social Sciences, Management Sciences, and to strive to bring forth (a) accomplished scholars in their respective fields of study, (b) outstanding professionals gratified in their professions and their careers, and (c) gifted men and women who can contribute favorably to the economic and social developmental endeavors of Sri Lanka
and beyond.

Rev. Prof. Wijitapure Wimalaratana (PhD)


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