SANASA Campus has been a life changing opportunity for me and I’m glad, I got the opportunity to join the university in 2015 as a student of the second batch of Regional Science and Planning. This journey of four years taught me a lot of academic as well as life lessons.
The course I followed consisted of a number of interesting subject areas where both classroom and practical were covered. This combination allowed me to understand the relationship between the theories and the real-world scenarios. I personally believe that it helps any student to reflect what they have learnt in the classroom. Moreover, most of the practical programmes of the university were connected with the community nearby. As a result, I was able to meet different people with different backgrounds during my time at the university.
The lecturers at the university were very helpful in every possible way, especially when it comes to personal matters. Most of the students in my batch were not from Kegalle, therefore, the lecturers and the staff provided us all the necessary support.
Our university itself is a green university surrounded by a range of mountains and amidst thousands of trees. The nature, silence and the fresh air makes the university a perfect place to calm our minds. It was like a small hike every day and I really loved seeing the environment changes during different times of the year! And I really believe that, the surroundings of the university, is one of the major things that allowed me to successfully complete my degree.
Finally, university life plays an important role in any students’ life because it makes you mature and educated about everything. It’s the place where a student learns team work, mutual understanding power, leadership qualities, consciousness of the responsibilities that one has to bear and so on. So, seeing myself from where I am today, I’m happy to say that I was able to gain most of the knowledge from SANASA Campus and I’m forever grateful for that.

RSP 2014/15 batch
(Project Associate - Multi Tech Solutions (Pvt) Ltd)

- Sulakshana Gamlath

My name is Lihini Anupama Chandrarathna and I am a graduate in Regional Science and Planning from SANASA Campus. I was lucky to have the opportunity to join the campus as a student of the first batch of the Regional Science and Planning Department. SANASA Campus is more than a collection of individual departments, students and staff; it is a community of people united by their passion for learning and growing together. Even though the course was challenging due to its novelty, the lecturers and department staff were always ready to help us to solve our issues, creating a very friendly environment. There are many opportunities to make friends, join clubs and societies, and discover what we are good at, alongside with other students. I had a great exposure to the industrial world during field visits and my internship. It helped me a lot to identify my opportunities in the job market. The specialty of SANASA Campus is that it gives you the opportunity to become part of a vibrant community where it is easy to discover your true potential and strengthen you to achieve your targets.

RSP 2014/15 batch
(Environmental Officer - Sanguine Engineering (Pvt) Ltd)

- Lihini Anupama Chandrarathne

Life at SANASA Campus is one of the most remarkable experiences that I had. Many students didn’t get a chance to enter government universities. But SANASA Campus creates an opportunity for higher education for anyone.it is a very unique place where we hand new bonds for the rest of our lives. Also, we get a chance to shape our life with respect to nature and career path by making the right choices. We have completed our BSc(sp) in Banking and Finance successfully and entered our career path within 04 years. Our campus didn’t focus on studies only but we learned to be socialized, face new struggles and how to enjoy life. Therefore, we say life in SANASA Campus is remarkable and essential to build ourselves.

B&F - 2016/17 batch
(SANASA Insurance Company)

- Hasitha Makuloluwa

SANSA Campus, the incomparable milestone of my life. It is the place that taught me about the power of dreams. harp me and make me find myself.

B&F 2014/15 batch

- Beshadi Udayangani