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Training Programs For Sanasa Primary Societies

“Education is the fundamental base on which every developed country or every society or every institution. This common dharma also highly relevant with the development of a SANASA primary society. The need for this education, came from Hon'ble Board of Directors of SANASA primary societies, who making the decisions of the Primary Societies. Accordingly, the knowledge, understanding and skills of the Hon'ble Board of Directors directly influence the future of the Society. As a solution to these problematic situations, a special certificate course has been prepared on behalf of the Hon. Board of Directors.”

Training Objectives

Unlike in the past, the financial as well as other tangible and intangible resources of the SANASA societies are growing exponentially today. At the same time, the proper management of these resources is becoming a matter of urgency. The objective of this workshop is to strengthen the cooperative leadership for excellent management of cooperative societies and its resources.

Expected Results

  • Creation of human resource in the society to maintain a
    developed and risk minimized society
  • Regularize the administration of the SANASA Society and
    minimize the conflicts
  • Facilitate rapid and rational decision making in the
  • Gain a proper understanding of the legal background
    and role.
  • To be able to increase the productivity of the staff of the
    society by making the administration successful.
  • The society ensure a balanced management through
    profitability and professionalism

Training Methodology

Evaluation: Written tests conducted at the end of each subject module and evaluation of presentation skills and assignments.

  • Case studies, exercises, group discussions


  • Sinhala
  • Tamil
  • English

Target Audience

  • Director Board members of cooperative societies
  • Those who want to become a Director Board member
    of Cooperative Society
  • Those who have passed GCE Advanced Level

Maximum no of participants per training is 20.
Minimum no of participants per training is 10.

Training Duration

6 Months (280 Hours)

Training Venue

Structured Training Programs

  • At the SANASA Campus premises
  • Every Saturday

Customized Training Programs

  • At the Field Locations
  • Date and Time will be decided on field requirement

Training Cost

Structured Training Programs

Rs. 30,000.00

per person for total package including tea, venue and training materials

Customized Training Programs

Rs. 35,000.00

per person for total package excluding meals and venue. Training materials will be provided.

Course Structure

  • Cooperative system and practices
  • Basic management
  • Basic Research Methods
  • Organizational Behavior, Crisis & Conflict Management
  • Credit and Delinquency Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounts and Co-operative Accounts Analysis
  • Cooperative Law and General Law
  • Preparation of project report

Contact Details

Assistant Director (Coop)
Center for Cooperative and Community Studies (CCCS)
Paragammana, Hettimulla,
Tel: 035 492 7772
Mob: 0712 063 205
Email: sanasacampuscc@gmail.com