How To Manage Household Works & Business Works

Training Programs For MSMES / Entrepreneurs

“Recognizing the important roles played by women in society, this training module seeks specifically to find out the economic roles they play in order to help reduce poverty at the household level. Most of women bear household works themselves are not organized and do seek get their family members’ support. When doing their business activities, with the household chores, they cannot get the proper attention to their business activities. It is important to know the ways and means to make necessary adjustments and techniques to balance their household chores and business chores. This training is very important for women to help them get the involvement of all members of the family to do the household chores.”

Training Objectives

To sensitize the family members to the necessity to adopt a fairer repartition of the household duties to allow the women entrepreneurs to grow their business by taking up the market opportunities that they have. In the long term, to bring a change in the mindset of the
family members towards the role of women.

Expected Results

  • Family members share the household works
  • Family members support the women entrepreneur to develop her business
  • Increase family income
  • Work with good future plans and vision for the family
  • Reduce family members’ stress
  • Increase family cohesiveness

Training Methodology

Classroom training session followed by coaching sessions. It combines different methods for sensitization and learning such as information sessions, group discussions, case studies, individual activities & homework, networking activities, videos, street drama, games, testimonies, etc.


  • Sinhala
  • Tamil
  • English

Target Audience

Women entrepreneurs and their spouses and/or family members

  • Maximum no. of participants per training is 30.
  • Minimum no. of participants per training is 15.

Training Duration

Class Room Training Session (1 Full Day) – 1

Coaching Session (4 Hours) – 1

**2-4 weeks gap between each session

Training Venue

Structured Training Programs

  • At the SANASA Campus premises
  • 25th of every month

Customized Training Programs

  • At the Field Locations
  • Date and Time will be decided based on field requirements

Training Cost

Structured Training Programs

Rs. 4,300.00

per person for total package including meals, venue and training materials

Customized Training Programs

Rs. 2,750.00

per person for total package excluding meals and venue.

Course Structure

  • Assessment of household chores and business chores
  • Value of the household works
  • Work efficiency when faced with a high level of tasks
  • Negotiation with family members to share fairly the household work
  • Strategies to balance household works and business work
  • Conflict and stress management in the family

Contact Details

Assistant Director
Center for Cooperative and Community Studies
Paragammana, Hettimulla,
Tel: 035 492 7772
Mob: 070 399 4599