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Let us remember that we live to learn

In the roil that is modern life, frenzied as it is by loud alarms of struggle, fight and flight, the reasons for education, discussion and relaxation have been redefined.  Indeed, their relevance has changed to the point where people learn in order to compete, confer in order to conquer and relax merely to prepare for tomorrow’s battles. Tumbling along in this mad mud of men and matters, many of us have degenerated into animals inhabiting human frames, engaging the world within a framework of reference where effort is unwholesome, goals are selfish and life is important only as the highly confusing outcome of a need to survive. Set in a land removed from turmoil and toil the SANASA Campus is a unique knowledge acquisition and experience sharing facility  that allows men and women to recapture their humanness, remember the holistic reasons for human endeavor and create the enabling environment for regenerating human worth. We invite you to learn at our departments, taste our food for the body and mind, engage in rewarding recreation and convene to consolidate and harmonize your existence with that of every other living creature that inhabits our earth.

Sanasa Campus is not only a learning center but offers many excellent services in a beautiful setting that are yours for unbeatable prices

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