Certificate on Auditing

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Training Programs For Sanasa Primary Societies

“Auditing is an examination of the accounting books and the relative documentary evidence so that an auditor may be able to find out the accuracy of figures and may be able to make report on the balance sheet and other financial statements which have been prepared from there.”

Training Objectives

  • Providing theoretical & practical knowledge to trainees on the need and importance of audit as one of the main criteria in good governance of business.
  • Providing required practice to trainees required by an auditor for the audit of financial statements.
  • Providing understanding to trainees on the implementation of audit procedures in cooperative organizations in compliance with new audit standards.
  • Providing knowledge to trainees on the preparation of an audit report as per legal and statutory requirements.

Expected Results


  • Produce Quality Auditors.
  • Increase the accuracy of the financial documents.
  • Increase the reputation of the organization.

Training Methodology

Evaluation: Written tests conducted at the end of each subject module and evaluation of presentation skills and assignments.

  • Multimedia presentations, case studies, field study visits


  • Sinhala
  • Tamil
  • English

Target Audience

  • Middle level management officers of cooperative societies
  • Those who want to Improve knowledge on management field
  • Those who have passed GCE Advanced Level

Training Duration

6 Months (280 Hours)

Training Venue

Structured Training Programs

  • At the SANASA Campus premises
  • Every Saturday

Customized Training Programs

  • At the Field Locations
  • Date and Time will be decided on field requirement

Training Cost

Structured Training Programs

Rs. 30,000.00

per person for total package including tea, venue and training materials

Customized Training Programs

Rs. 35,000.00

per person for total package excluding meals and venue. Training materials will be provided.

Course Structure

  • Cooperative and Business Environment
  • Information technology
  • Audit principles
  • Audit standards and application
  • Audit practice I
  • Audit reporting
  • Accounting standards and practical applications relevant to the auditing of financial statements
  • Practical applications of accounting
  • Procedures for auditing business units of a cooperative society
  • Analysis of financial statements

Contact Details

Assistant Director (Coop)
Center for Cooperative and Community Studies (CCCS)
Paragammana, Hettimulla,
Tel: 035 492 7772
Mob: 0712 063 205
Email: sanasacampuscc@gmail.com