Strengthening Of Producer Groups

Training Programs For MSMES / Entrepreneurs

“The producer organizations (POs) considered are formal rural organizations whose members organized themselves with the objective of improving farm income through improved production, marketing, and local processing activities. POs deal with policies on issues such as pricing and export and import of agricultural products; improvement of agricultural production practices; access to inputs and services, including agricultural credit; marketing of agricultural production; local processing of agricultural production and its marketing. Producer organizations (PO) can improve market access, lower transaction costs and increase the profits of smallholder farmers by offsetting diseconomies of scale.”

Training Objectives

  • To provide guidelines on forming and operating producer groups based on particular value chains.
  • To introduce the role and functions of producer groups in particular value chains.
  • To enhance knowledge on mobilizing, governance, conflict management, marketing and quality assurance.

Expected Results

  • Formation of new producer groups
  • Strengthening of inactive producer groups and active their operations
  • Increase the memberships of POs
  • Increase the service portfolios of POs
  • Increase financial and non-financial benefits of members

Training Methodology

Classroom training sessions followed by coaching sessions.


  • Sinhala
  • Tamil
  • English

Target Audience

Leaders and potential leaders of the POs

Staffs of the POs

  • Maximum no. of participants per training is 30.
  • Minimum no. of participants per training is 15.

Training Duration

Class Room Training Session (4 Hours) – 3

Coaching Session (4 Hours) – 3

**2-4 weeks gap between each session

Training Venue

Structured Training Programs

  • At the SANASA Campus premises
  • 24th of every month

Customized Training Programs

  • At the Field Locations
  • Date and Time will be decided based on field requirements

Training Cost

Structured Training Programs

Rs. 8,450.00

per person for total package excluding meals and venue. Training materials will be provided.

Structured Training Programs

Rs. 5,950.00

Per person for total package excluding meals and venue.

Course Structure

  • Identification of producer organizations (POs)
  • Motivation and Mobilization of members of POs
  • Governance within POs
  • Collective Marketing to sustain POs
  • Quality Assurance in Value Chains

Contact Details

Assistant Director
Center for Cooperative and Community Studies
Paragammana, Hettimulla,
Tel: 035 492 7772
Mob: 070 399 4599