Sanasa “Govi Sangramaya” Agriculture Scheme

As per the FAO definition about the “food security”, the food demand and supply are driven by four key dimensions including access, availability, stability and utilization. Today, Whole world urgently needs in action to find the immediately solution for issues relating to food security in line with above four dimensions to combat with Global pandemic of Corvid-19 virus. Developing a self-sufficient economic within the country is most appropriate solution at this time. Sri Lankan Government has taken a step of starting a project for establishing one million home gardening toward sustainable agriculture economy in Sri Lanka. To support this program, Sanasa is planning to implement the sustainable agriculture program with its members to produce organic food from their home garden for the consumption and sharing/sell of excess production among community. Initial stage, this is planned to implement at Sanasa Primary society level for 1,500 members from 100 societies in Kegalle District.