The Campfire Programme Organized by 2020/21 Batch (1st Year Batch)

During the COVID 19 pandemic situation, students of SANASA Campus had to carry out their lectures through the online system. With this system, students encountered certain difficulties in the process of acquiring their subject knowledge. Therefore, a revision programme was started to discuss and revise the subject matters taught through online lectures. Thus, the students of 2020/21 batch gathered into the university as a bio bubble, and participated in this revision programme which was scheduled to finish in 2 weeks.

At the end of this 2 week programme, the students of the 1st year batch organized a campfire as a farewell to the revision programme. The campfire was held on Friday, 12th of February 2021 at the university premises. All the students of the batch actively participated in organizing this event.

Some students prepared invitations and the others organized the event. All  the students rehearsed for this event for a short period of time while engaging in their studies. Some of the staff members also made a big effort to make the campfire successful. All the academic and non-academic staff members were invited to the event.

The campfire was started with the arrival of Dr. P.A. Kiriwandeniya, the Chairman of SANASA Campus. Dr. N. L. A. Karunarathne, the Vice Chancellor of the Campus, Dr.  D. S. P Kuruppuarchchi, the Dean of the Faculty of Management and Finance, Mr. T Karunasena, the Registrar of SANASA Campus and so many academic and non-academic staff members participated in this moment.

The campfire comprised events such as songs, dances, dramas, speeches etc. All the participants were treated with food and beverages by the students of 1st year batch. All the participants enjoyed the campfire and appreciated the successful effort made by the students. That was a memorable event for the students and the staff of SANASA Campus.


Dulaj Karunarathne

1st Year/ 2nd Semester

Banking and Finance