Centre of Corporative and Community Studies (CCCS)

CCCS programmes have been designed to achieve the purposes of enhancing the participants’ theoretical knowledge and skills in the field of management focusing a greater emphasis on the cooperative sector, upgrading the overall career position of employees particularly the junior managerial level by nurturing positive attitudes with them for better performance and providing an ample opportunity for societies to gain the practical exposure and knowledge in the field of cooperative Management.

CCCS takes measures in terms of attracting quality lecture panels, using modern teaching and learning facilities and conducting interactive sessions through lectures, discussions, field visits, group works and case studies to achieve the intended outcomes of the Department as a high quality and result oriented educational entity.

Diploma Programs

The Diploma in Management provides the knowledge, practical skills and experience in leadership and management across a range of enterprise and industry contexts. The program will help students to initiate and prepare themselves for organisational planning, implementing and monitoring work using communication skills to support individuals and teams to meet organisational or enterprise requirements. It will also enable students to respond to emerging industry trends and understand the skills and knowledge requirements of employers.

The Diploma in Preschool offers a comprehensive Child Education Program with a broad spectrum of curricula including early childhood education and primary education in Sri Lanka. The specific objective of the programme is to enable the participants to perform effectively as teachers/care givers in Early Childhood Education and Primary Education. The curriculum is organized and structured within the xx academic years.

Language is key for communication and the lack of knowledge in another language, on the other hand, has been the cause of many misunderstandings. As a citizen of a multi-ethnic, multilingual country it is essential to learn national and official languages. At this juncture, the Department of languages extends its performance to fulfil this requirement by introducing the higher Diploma in Tamil.

This program is focused on insurance staff working across all sectors of the industry. It is also a logical progression for holders of a certificate in insurance and risk management. It provides an enhanced understanding of insurance practice, both in terms of technical subject matter and overall application skills. Students are offered a comprehensive understanding of the functional aspects of insurance business with a thorough integration of theory and practice.

Other Programs

Our basic accounting program allows students to quickly apply new skills to the workplace in both entry-level and in professional roles. It covers basic topics, such as taxation, auditing and accounting helping them to expand their professional knowledge and skills.

Our customised Induction training program for new employee’s covers the main induction training topics for those who are seeking to be a professional induction trainer. This program will cover training areas including development of theoretical and practical skills in order be an effective corporate trainer

This program covers governance issues and audit committee effectiveness. It promotes the audit committee and risk management best practices.

Our credit management program entails scientific skills required in credit management. This is a professional qualification well respected within the industry.

This program enables to learn important principles and practical step-by-step techniques for performing personal assistant services and getting started in a career as a professional personal assistant in the industry. It covers what a personal assistant does and how to develop your skills to succeed in a personal assistant career.

This program is specifically targeted for those who are interested in the profession of becoming a pawn broker. It covers key fundamental topics such as effective customer service, to make better decisions at the loan counter, Pawnshop safety, Understanding the value of jewelry and much more!