Ongoing and Completed Research Projects

  1. Geo-spatial Approaches to Develop Landslide Risk Index (LRI) for Sri Lanka
    Development oriented research project funded by accelerating higher education expansion and development (AHEAD) grantResearch and Business Cell of the Campus have been proposed Development Oriented Research Projects titled “Geospatial Approaches to Develop Landslide Risk Index (LRI) for Sri Lanka” align with the world bank funded project of Accelerating Higher EducationExpansion and Development (AHEAD) conducting Ministry of Higher Education of Sri Lanka.

    The Accelerating Higher Education Expansion and Development (AHEAD) operation is organized in two components. The first is a Program Component that supports the national Higher Education Development Program. The second is a Systems Strengthening, Capacity Building and Technical Assistance Component that will assist the GoSL to strengthen the higher education sector and achieve the objectives of the AHEAD Program Component. This second will also cover monitoring and evaluation, policy analysis, program coordination and communication.

  2. Sanasa “Govi Sangramaya” Agriculture Scheme
    As per the FAO definition about the “food security”, the food demand and supply are driven by four key dimensions including access, availability, stability and utilization. Today, Whole world urgently needs in action to find the immediately solution for issues relating to food security in line with above four dimensions to combat with Global pandemic of Corvid-19 virus. Developing a self-sufficient economic within the country is most appropriate solution at this time. Sri Lankan Government has taken a step of starting a project for establishing one million home gardening toward sustainable agriculture economy in Sri Lanka. To support this program, Sanasa is planning to implement the sustainable agriculture program with its members to produce organic food from their home garden for the consumption and sharing/sell of excess production among community. Initial stage, this is planned to implement at Sanasa Primary society level for 1,500 members from 100 societies in Kegalle District.
  3. Study on Landslides in Kegalle Districts
    Research project focused to study Causative factors for landslides, Mechanism of  landslides, direct effect of landslides, Progression of Recovery process and Resettlement of vulnerable communities.
    Academic Staff, Students were conducted theses researches with contribution of  District Secretory, Divisional secretaries, GN officers and SANASA Primary societies.
  4. Study on Resettlement, Development, Politics and Disaster Mitigation on   Moragahakanda-KaluGanga multipurpose water project in Sri Lanka
    This Study is based on the field research. This study being focused to assess the resettlement process, urban infrastructure devolvement and Relationship on Development policies and community feedback.